Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety

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Livable communities are a high priority of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Obama Administration. A livable community is one that provides safe and convenient transportation choices to all citizens, whether it’s by walking, bicycling, transit, or driving. Each year, unfortunately, pedestrian fatalities comprise about 12 percent of all traffic fatalities and there are approximately 4,000 pedestrian deaths. Another 59,000 pedestrians are injured in roadway crashes annually. The numbers are improving, but we still have a ways to go. Pedestrian safety improvements depend on an integrated approach that involves the 4 E’s: Engineering, Enforcement, Education, and Emergency Services. The FHWA’s Office of Safety develops projects, programs and materials for use in reducing pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities.

Promoting the Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures

2012 "Guidance Memorandum on Promoting the Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures" (HTML, PDF 78 KB)

In 2008, FHWA issued a "Guidance Memorandum on the Consideration and Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures" which highlights when and where we believe certain processes, design techniques, or safety countermeasures should be used. Many of the countermeasures promoted in 2008 have been widely applied and FHWA is updating its previous guidance. While agencies should still consider the application of all of the countermeasures listed in the 2008 memo, the 2012 "Guidance Memorandum on Promoting the Implementation of Proven Safety Countermeasures" supersedes that from four years ago and takes into consideration the latest safety research. Safety practitioners are encouraged to consider this new set of countermeasures that are research-proven, but not widely applied on a national basis.

Click on one of the three pedestrian-related countermeasures below for more information and a downloadable fact sheet.

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What's New

The FHWA Safety Office is continually developing new materials to assist states, localities and citizens in improving pedestrian and bicycle safety. The materials listed on this page were completed recently.

New Pedestrian Forum – Fall 2014

New Understanding Pedestrian Crashes in Louisville, KY 2006-2010

New Bicycle Safer Journey (Revised 2014)

New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Guide

new A Guide for Maintaining Pedestrian Facilities for Enhanced Safety

new Guide for Maintaining Pedestrian Facilities for Enhanced Safety Research Report

REVISED Pedsafe 2013: Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System

New Pedestrian Safer Journey 2013 (Revised)  

Proven Countermeasures for Pedestrian Safety

Spotlight on Pedestrian Safety

Promoting the Implementation of Proven Pedestrian Countermeasures

State Best Practice Policy for Medians

State Best Practice Policy for Shoulders and Walkways

Pedestrian Countermeasure Policy Best Practice Report

The State of Florida is developing a statewide Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. They have set up a project website that includes information about the project, workshop presentations and resources relating to pedestrian safety.

Evaluating Pedestrian Safety Countermeasures

Safety Benefits of Raised Medians and Pedestrian Refuge Areas: Brochure, Booklet

Safety Benefits of Walkways, Sidewalks, and Paved Shoulders: Brochure, Booklet

Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan