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Subject: INFORMATION: Safety in Stewardship/Oversight Agreements

From:Jeffrey A. Lindley
Associate Administrator for Safety

To:Division Administrators

Date: July 21, 2006

Reply to: Attn. of: HSA-I0

The May 8 memorandum from Executive Director Bud Wright to Division Administrators provided guidance on developing future stewardship/oversight agreements (attached for your reference). Safety is one of the elements for inclusion in an updated plan, as specified under Section VII of the guidance (Delegated Program and Project Responsibilities). In particular, the guidance states that safety is one of five program elements where “the Agreement must clearly describe State versus Federal responsibilities...”

The Highway Safety Improvement Program is now a core Federal-aid Program. As such, stewardship and oversight responsibilities for this program, as well as other critical safety considerations, should be reflected in the stewardship/oversight agreement with the State Department of Transportation.

The attached documents provide a summary of potential safety considerations for an updated agreement, as well as a sample of a safety section of an updated agreement. We believe this information will serve as a useful reference and potential template for assuring safety is adequately addressed and represented as a major element of any agreement. For more information, please contact Mr. John Baxter, Director, Office of Safety Design, at (202) 366-9198.

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Ms. Joyce Curtis, Leadership Team

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