SHSP Evaluation Process Model – How to use this CD

This CD version of the SHSP Evaluation Process Model (EPM) is designed to be both interactive and intuitive. Please use the blue “control” bar along the left side of the viewing screen to either (1) go to the various sections of the EPM or (2) download PDF versions of the EPM, worksheets, or checklists.

Interactive EPM

To go to any chapter within the EPM, simply move the cursor over the SHSP EPM Report text under the “Go To:” section of the blue control bar. A small window will open allowing the user to select the chapter desired. Simply click to open the chapter. Within the EPM there are links to various web sites where users can go for more information. These are opened in a separate window.

Downloading PDF’s

To download PDF versions of any of the documents simply click on the name of the document in the “Download:” section of the control bar. This will open the PDF version of the selected document in a new window.

User’s are encouraged to simply take this interactive CD for a spin. It can’t be damaged in any way so feel free to click on any of the active links. The blue control bar along the right side of the window is available from any page allowing users to easily get back to where they started from anywhere.