Local and Rural Road Safety Program

W - Beam Guardrail and end treatment installed on the outside of a horizontal curve.

Local highway agencies often do not have the resources needed to adequately address safety problems on the roads they maintain. The FHWA Local and Rural Safety Program provides national leadership in identifying, developing, and delivering safety programs and products to local and officials and governments to improve highway safety on local and rural roads.

Rural road safety is a particular concern, because the majority of highway fatalities take place on rural roads. Rural roads account for approximately 40 percent of the vehicle miles traveled in the U.S., but almost 57 percent of fatalities. According to recent data, 19,259 people were killed in rural crashes in 2009 and the fatality rate for rural crashes is more than twice the fatality rate in urban crashes.

Crash Facts

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Funding, Policy and Guidance

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Safety Programs

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Partners and Resources

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Program Contact

Rosemarie Anderson



Local Rural Road Owners Manuals

NEW Delta Region Transportation Development Program: Rural Safety Innovation Program Evaluation – Final Report

Noteworthy Practices: Addressing Safety on Locally-Owned and Maintained Roads – A Domestic Scan

Proven Safety Countermeasures

Local and Rural Roads Safety Peer-to-Peer Assistance

Implementing the High Risk Rural Roads Program

Local Roads Safety Resource CD

Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports

Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit

Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety

Low-Cost Safety Enhancements for Stop-Controlled and Signalized Intersections