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FHWA has created a new CD that provides quick and easy to access to the latest information on local roads safety.

Whether you are a local road safety advocate, a practitioner, an elected official, or a community leader, you need information and tools to plan and implement roadway safety improvements. Organized by topic area in one place, the Local Roads Safety Resource CD provides guidance, tools, and other resources from government agencies and national associations on local roadway safety.

The CD’s easy-to-use format and portability make it a vital resource for your agency’s local roads safety resource library.

The CD is organized by the following topic areas:

Cover of the Local Roads Safety Resource CD.
  • Crash Data - Local crash facts and statistics, and data analysis tools.
  • Crash Types - Technical and policy guidance, tools, documents, and web resources to implement countermeasures to prevent roadway departure crashes, intersection crashes, speed-related crashes, pedestrian crashes, crashes involving motorcycles, and crashes involving heavy trucks.
  • FHWA safety programs - Information about FHWA programs and guidance related to local road safety, including the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP), the Safe Routes to School program, Safety Design and Operations programs, Road Safety Planning resources, Proven Safety Countermeasures guidance, and Road Safety Audit guidance and technical assistance.
  • General Resources - General documents, web resources, and training resources related to local and rural road safety.
  • Road User Safety - Guidance and resources for increasing roadway safety for special populations, including older and younger drivers, impaired drivers, drowsy drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.
  • Outreach Material - Brochures, presentations, and publications to help you gain support for local and rural road safety improvement activities.
  • Local Roads Safety Research - Latest research reports related to current topics in local and rural roads safety.

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Program Contact:
Rosemarie Anderson, Local and Rural Roads Program Manager
Email: Rosemarie.Anderson@dot.gov
Phone: 202-366-5007

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Program Contact

Rosemarie Anderson



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