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Pedestrian Safety Focus States and Cities

Since 2004, FHWA's Safety Office has been working to aggressively reduce pedestrian deaths by focusing extra resources on the cities and states with the highest pedestrian fatalities and/or fatality rates. The states and cities were revised in late 2011 to what you currently see in this map. Pedestrian focus cities were selected based on the number of pedestrian fatalities or the pedestrian fatality rate per population. Cities were identified as pedestrian focus cities if they had more than 20 average annual pedestrian fatalities or a pedestrian fatality rate greater than 2.33 per 100,000 population (the annual national average number of pedestrian fatalities is 20 and the average national rate of pedestrian fatalities is 2.33 per 100,00 population).  States with a focus city were automatically identified as focus states.

Part of this effort has included development of How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, which helps state and local officials know where to begin to address pedestrian safety issues. In addition, we have been offering free technical assistance and courses to each of the states and cities, and free bi-monthly webinars on subjects of interest. The document and webinars are available for free to other states as well. The training is available at a cost to non-focus states and cities through the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (see info link below), and is also available through the National Highway Institute. An Evaluation of the Focused Approach to Pedestrian Safety was also recently completed and is also posted here to document progress to date under this program. Check back once in a while to see the latest webinar information and to view past recorded webinars.
Page last modified on July 17, 2014.
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