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RSA Toolkit CD

FHWA has created a user-friendly CD that houses all of the assorted materials created under the RSA Program. Users simply click on the different section headings to access the materials or to navigate to the main screen.

Cover of the RSA Toolkit CDThe Toolkit includes the following sections:

  • RSA videos
  • Guidelines
  • Case Studies
  • Program Contacts
  • Sample Reports
  • Program Web Links
  • RSA Training Information
  • RSA Peer-to-Peer Program Information

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Program Contact:
Rebecca Crowe, Road Safety Audit Program Manager
Phone: 804-775-3381

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Program Contact

Becky Crowe
Program Manager


Heather Rigdon
RSA Program Support


Technical Assistance
K. Craig Allred
Transportation Specialist


What's New

New Road Safety Audits: An Evaluation of RSA Programs and Projects

New RSA Case Studies: Using Three-Dimensional Design Visualization in the Road Safety Audit Process


RSA Brochure

RSA Video

RSA Toolkit CD

RSA Peer-to-Peer Assistance
FHWA has a new peer-to-peer program for RSAs where you can receive on-site or over the phone assistance on an RSA from a peer for no charge.

RSA Case Studies

RSA Guidelines

Pedestrian RSA Guidelines

Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists

RSA Toolkit for Federal and Tribal Lands

Federal and Tribal Lands Road Safety Audits: Case Studies

Tribal RSA: Case Studies

Sample RSA Database

Sample RSA Reports

Sample RSA Policies

RSAs For Safety
Transportation professionals employ audits to scrutinize roadways for safety issues-and reduce crashes, injuries, fatalities, and costs in the process. Artice by Lousia Ward.