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Quarterly Technical Webinars
The Roadway Safety Data Program hosts quarterly webinars on technical safety data and analysis topics as part of the Data & Analysis Technical Assistance Program. These webinars are free of charge, and are intended for practitioners looking gain additional knowledge about technical issues. All webinars will be recorded and kept on this website for future review. Please see the links below for upcoming webinar announcements and recordings of past webinars.

If you would like to suggest a topic for a quarterly webinar, please contact Bob Pollack at

Upcoming Technical Webinars

State and Local Agency Safety Data Integration Experiences

September 18, 2014

2:00 – 3:30 PM EDT

Presenter(s): Dr. Tim Colling (Michigan Technological University), David Blackstone (Ohio DOT), Brian Hurst (Tennessee DOT), and Susie Forde (Wisconsin DOT)

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is a core Federal-aid program whose purpose is to achieve a significant reduction in fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads. MAP-21 legislation, in describing the data capabilities a state should have to support its HSIP, emphasizes integrating data sets to provide the information states need to develop and implement an effective safety program. With the requirement that the state's safety program cover all public roads, it is essential that data on local roadways be considered when the state is developing their HSIP. Integrating crash data with roadway inventory data provides a rich foundation from which advanced analyses can be conducted to develop effective strategies for reducing crashes. A challenge arises when States and local agencies try to integrate their roadway datasets together in a cohesive database. Fortunately, there are several recent examples of states and local agencies attempting to integrate their roadway data. This webinar will present experiences from four different states, as well as discussion among participants. The presenters will be Dr. Tim Colling (Michigan Technological University), David Blackstone (Ohio DOT), Brian Hurst (Tennessee DOT), and Susie Forde (Wisconsin DOT).

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Completed Webinars

Comparing Systemic Safety Analysis Approaches

June 3, 2014

2:00 – 3:30 PM EST

Presenter(s): Reg Souleyrette (University of Kentucky), Dough Harwood (MRI Global)

Webinar Transcripts [PDF, 98KB]

Safety data analysis and countermeasure selection are critical functions for transportation agencies and planning organizations but understanding analytical methodology options can be a challenge. This webinar will provide an overview of three approaches to safety analysis: United States Road Assessment Program (usRAP), Systemic Safety Project Selection Tool (SSPST), and Roadway Safety Audits (RSA). The benefits and challenges of each methodology will be discussed and the results of a recent study from the University of Kentucky comparing the three methodologies will be presented.

Target Audience: The webinar is ideal for safety analysts, engineers and planners who deal with safety analysis and design. Current understanding or experience with the approaches is not a prerequisite for participation.

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