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MAP-21 and the FAST Act required the Secretary to establish a subset of the MIRE that are useful for the inventory of roadway safety and ensure that States adopt and use the subset to improve data collection. [23 U.S.C. 148(f)(2)]. FHWA established a subset of the MIRE as part of the HSIP Final Rule changes to 23 CFR Part 924, effective April 14, 2016. This MIRE subset is referred to as the fundamental data elements (FDEs). The FDEs are categorized by roadway functional classification and surface type and include three categories for roadway segments, one each for non-local paved roads, local paved roads, and unpaved roads They are further refined, for non-local paved roads, into subcategories of data elements for intersections and interchanges.

FHWA developed a set of interactive graphic images to depict the MIRE FDEs for each of the roadway categories.  By clicking on one of the roadway categories boxes at the top of the screen, a sample graphic image appears for that category (e.g. segment, intersection and interchange).  There are three categories of road segments (e.g. non-local paved road, local paved road, unpaved road), clicking in the box associated with that category changes the screen to a graphic depiction of that category.  Within each graphic image, the bottom middle of the image provides a set of tabs with data element names on them, placing the cursor over a data element name tab and clicking produces the data element name, element definition, and attributes suggested to describe the data element.  Also, the roadway graphic visually depicts the element and provides sample information that could be collected to describe that data element within a roadway inventory database.

If you encounter any difficulties or would like additional information regarding the MIRE FDE graphics, please contact Sarah Weissman Pascual at: sarah.pascual@dot.gov, 202-366-0087.

Page last modified on January 24, 2022
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