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Highway Safety Improvement Program National Scan Tour

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March 2016

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4. Title and Subtitle

Highway Safety Improvement Program National Scan Tour

5. Report Date

March 2016

6. Performing Organization Code

7. Authors

Scott Kuznicki, Bruce Ibarguen, Jennifer Symoun (Toxcel), Peter Pavao

8. Performing Organization Report No.

9. Performing Organization Name and Address

Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB)
8300 Boone Boulevard, Suite 700
Vienna, VA 22182-2626

Toxcel, LLC
7140 Heritage Village Plaza
Gainesville, VA 20155

10. Work Unit No.

11. Contract or Grant No.

DTFH61-10-D-00022 (VHB)

12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address

Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20590

13. Type of Report and Period Covered

April 2015 - March 2016

14. Sponsoring Agency Code


15. Supplementary Notes:

The contract manager for this report was Karen Scurry

16. Abstract

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) is a core Federal-aid program with the purpose of achieving a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads, including non-State-owned facilities. In its efforts to ensure that the program investment produces an optimal outcome, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) conducted a scan tour of HSIP practices in the fall of 2015, visiting Alaska, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, and Utah. The purpose of the Scan Tour was to identify notable practices in the areas of HSIP administration, planning, implementation and evaluation in high-performing States with the goal of sharing this information among all the States. The Scan Tour findings highlighted a number of notable practices related to: documenting HSIP processes; coordinating with internal and external partners; understanding the relationship between the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and HSIP; making data-driven safety decisions; using advanced safety analysis methods and tools; addressing local road needs; considering all four "E's"; establishing multi-year plan and budget; and identifying opportunities to streamline project delivery.

17. Key Words

HSIP, highway safety improvement program, safety data, roadway inventory data, traffic data, data collection, crash data, SHSP, strategic highway safety plan

18. Distribution Statement

No restrictions.

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4E's Enforcement, Education, Emergency Response, and Engineering
AASHTO American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AHSO Alaska Highway Safety Offices
AOC Association of Oregon Counties
ARTS All-Roads Transportation Safety
ATSC Alaska Traffic Safety Corridor
B/C Benefit/Cost
BSE Bureau of Safety Engineering
CEA Critical Emphasis Area
CEI Cost-Effective Index
CMF Crash Modification Factor
CPM Crash Prediction Model
CRF Crash Reduction Factor
CRS Condition Rating Survey
CUUATS Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOH Department of Health
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT&PF Department of Transportation & Public Facilities
DPS Department of Public Safety
DSC District Safety Committee
DTS Department of Traffic Safety
DTZ Driving Toward Zero
EPDO Equivalent Property Damage Only
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
GHSO Governor's Highway Safety Office
GHSP Governor's Highway Safety Program
HSIP Highway Safety Improvement Program
HSM Highway Safety Manual
HSP Highway Safety Plan
ICWS Intersection Cross-Road Warning System
IDOT Illinois Department of Transportation
IRI International Roughness Index
ISP Illinois State Police
LOC League of Oregon Cities
LPA Local Public Agency
LSA Limited Service Agreement
M&S Mobility and Safety
M&SFO Mobility and Safety Field Operations
MassDOT Massachusetts Department of Transportation
MCDOT McHenry County Department of Transportation
MCR Mobile Capture Reporting
MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization
NCDOT North Carolina Department of Transportation
NCHRP National Cooperative Highway Research Program
NHDOT New Hampshire Department of Transportation
NHSP New Hampshire State Police
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation
PH Potentially Hazardous
PSI Potential for Safety Improvement
RMV Registry of Motor Vehicles
ROW Right of Way
RPC Regional Planning Commission
RSA Road Safety Audit
RTE Regional Traffic Engineer
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users
SHSP Strategic Highway Safety Plan
SPF Safety Performance Function
SRI Safer Roads Index
STIP State Transportation Improvement Program
T&S Traffic & Safety
TESS Traffic Engineering and Safety Section
TIP Transportation Improvement Plan
TSAP Transportation Safety Action Plan
TSD Transportation Safety Division
UDOT Utah Department of Transportation
UNC-HSRC University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
usRAP United States Road Assessment Program
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