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Highway-Railway Grade Crossing Action Plan and Project Prioritization Noteworthy Practices

APPENDIX A. State Highway-Railway Grade Crossing Information Sources for Noteworthy Practices

State/Contact Interview RSIA08 State Action Plan HSIP Annual Report Extra Documents Reports to Congress


Bree Arnett, California Public Utility Commission, bree.arnett@cpuc.ca.gov;
Lauren Clauson, Chief Railroad Crossing Safety Branch, Division of Rail, California Department of Transportation, lauren.clauson@dot.ca.gov

Yes Yes Yes   2012, 2014


Michael Stead, Rail Safety Program Administrator, Illinois Commerce Commission, mstead@icc.illnois.gov;
Jason Johnson, P.E., Rail Safety Engineer, Illinois Department of Transportation, Jason.Johnson@illinois.gov

Yes Yes Yes   2012, 2014


Bev Vonasek, Nebraska Department of Roads Railroad Liaison Manager, Beverly.Vonasek@nebraska.gov

Yes   Yes Model development report 2014

New Jersey

Todd Hirt, Supervising Engineer, Bureau of Railroad Engineering, New Jersey Department of Transportation, Todd.Hirt@dot.state.nj.us

Yes   Yes   2014

North Carolina

Andrew R. (Drew) Thomas, MSE, P.E., Data Analysis and Inventory Manager, Engineering Coordination and Safety Branch, Rail Division, North Carolina Department of Transportation, dthomas@ncdot.gov

Yes   Yes   2014


Cathy Stout, Manager, Safety Programs, Ohio Rail Development Commission, Catherine.Stout@dot.ohio.gov

Yes Yes Yes Ohio Rail Development Commission Programs PDF 2010, 2012, 2014


Craig Moody, Rail Programs Division Manager, Oklahoma Department of Transportation, cmoody@odot.org



Greg Vaughn, Central Grade Crossing Unit, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, grvaughn@state.pa.us;
Daniel D. Leonard, P.E., Grade Crossing Engineer, Bureau of Project Delivery, danleonard@state.pa.us

Yes   Yes   2012, 2014


Robert Travis, P.E., Branch Manager–Rail Highway Safety, Rail Safety Section, Traffic Operations Division, Texas Department of Transportation, Robert.travis@txdot.gov

  Yes Yes   2010, 2012, 2014


Mark Morrison, Railroad Engineering and Safety Unit, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, mark.morrison@dot.wi.gov

Yes   Yes Presentation; Prioritization PDF 2012, 2014

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