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LED Raised Pavement Markers

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May 2009


Light Emitting Diode (LED) pavement markers improve the safety of intersection approaches, as well as pedestrian, bicycle and other crossings. These markers enhance delineation and driver awareness, especially in low visibility conditions.

Alternative Names

Daylight-visible or solar-powered LED raised pavement markers, LED-illuminated pavement markers, solar road markers or studs.

This summary is one in a series describing Innovative Intersection Safety Treatments. The summaries identify new technologies and techniques to improve intersection safety developed since NCHRP Report 500, Volumes 5 and 12, were published in 2003 and 2004, respectively. These treatments show promise for improving safety but comprehensive effectiveness evaluations are not yet available.


Potential Benefits

Figure 1. Example LED Pavement Markers. Eight samples are shown.
Figure 2: LED Raised Pavement Marker installed at intersection to guide turning movements. Pavement markers are installed as guides through an intersection to channel left-turning traffic into the correct lane.

Agency Experience

Implementation Considerations

MUTCD Specifications


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Carlos Ibarra, Texas Department of Transportation

Ed Rice, Intersection Safety Team Leader
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