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Innovative Intersection Safety Improvement Strategies and Management Practices: A Domestic Scan

Appendix B: Host Contacts


City of Detroit

Ashok Patel
Head Traffic Engineer
Phone: (313) 628-5602
Email: ashpat@ddot.ci.detroit.mi.us

Jubi Chackunkal
Senior Associate Traffic Engineer
Phone: (313) 224-1315
Email: jubcha@ddot.ci.detroit.mi.us

Manilal V. Patel, P.E.
City Traffic Engineer
Phone: (313) 628-5601
Email: manpat@ddot.ci.detroit.mi.us

Sunny Jacob
Traffic Engineer
Phone: (313) 628-5604
Email: sunjac@ddot.ci.detroit.mi.us

AAA Michigan

Jeffrey Bagdade, P.E.
Traffic Engineer, Community Safety Services
Phone: (313) 336-1405
Email: jsbagdade@aaamichigan.com


Carmine Palombo, P.E.
Director, Transportation Programs
Phone: (313) 324-3314
Email: palombo@semcog.org

J. Thomas Bruff
Engineering Coordinator, Transportation Programs
Phone: (313) 324-3340
Email: bruff@semcog.org

Michigan Department of Transportation

Dale Reed Lighthizer, Ph.D., P.E.
Supervising Engineer - Safety Programs and Technical Services Units
Phone: (517) 373-2334
Email: lighthizerd@michigan.gov

Kimberly Lariviere, P.E.
Traffic & Safety Support Area
Risk Management Engineer
Elderly Mobility Engineer
Phone: (517) 373-3889
Email: larivierek@michigan.gov

Road Commission for Oakland County

Brent O. Bair
Managing Director
Phone: (248) 645-2000
Email: bbair@rcoc.org

Brian Blaesing
Director, Planning and Development
Phone: (248) 645-2000
Email: bblaesing@rcoc.org

Traffic Improvement Association

Frank Cardimen, Jr.
Phone: (248) 334-4971
Email: frankc@tiami.org

Michigan State Police

Steven Schreier
Roadway Safety Program Coordinator, Office of Highway Safety Planning
Phone: (517) 333-5306
Email: schreies@michigan.gov

F/Lt. Thad Peterson
Commanding Office, Traffic Services Section
Special Operations Division
Phone: (517) 336-6611
Email: petersot@michigan.gov

Sandy Eyre
Phone: (517) 333-5303
Email: eyres@michigan.gov

DLZ Michigan, Inc.

Wes Butch
Manager, Transportation Planning and NEPA Services
Phone: 517/393-6800
Email: wbutch@dlz.com

FHWA – Michigan Division

Dave Morena
Safety and Traffic Operations Engineer, Planning and Program Development
Phone: (517) 702-1836
Email: David.Morena@dot.gov

Michigan Center for Truck Safety

Michael Irwin, CDS
Project Director
Phone: (517) 321-1955
Email: mirwin@truckingsafety.org

Wayne State University

Deb McAvoy
c/o Dr. Tapan K. Datta
Phone: (313) 577-9154
Email: tdatta@eng.wayne.edu

Kent County Road Commission

Tim Haagsma
Assistant Director and Traffic Engineer
Phone: (616) 242-6923
Email: thaagsma@kentcountyroads.net

City of Grand Rapids

Patrick Bush
Public Works Director
Phone: (616) 456-3066
Email: pbush@ci.grand-rapids.mi.us

Christopher Zull, E.I.T
Traffic Engineer
Phone: (616) 456-4639
Email: czull@ci.grand-rapids.mi.us

Dave Young
Traffic System Engineer
Phone: (616) 456-3492
Email: dyoung@ci.grand-rapids.mi.us

City of Wyoming, MI

Ron Dressander
Traffic Operations Supervisor
Phone: (616) 530-7263


City of Richardson

Walter Ragsdale, P.E.
Assistant Director of Development Services, Traffic and Transportation
Phone: (972) 744-4320
Email: walter.ragsdale@cor.gov

Robert Saylor, P.E.
Traffic Operations Engineer
Phone: (972) 744-4324
Email: robert.saylor@cor.gov

City of Plano

Ronnie Bell, P.E.
Senior Traffic Engineer, Engineering Department
Phone: (972) 941-7151
Email: ronnieb@plano.gov

City of Dallas Public Works and Transportation

Elizabeth Ramirez, P.E.
Program Manager, Traffic Management Center
Phone: (214) 670-3122
Email: bramirez@pbw.ci.dallas.tx.us

Mark Titus, P.E. Traffic Engineer, Transportation System Operations Phone: (214) 670-3123 Email: mtitus@pbw.ci.dallas.tx.us

North Central Texas Council of Governments

Michael Morris, P.E.
Director of Transportation
Phone: (817) 695-9240
Email: mmorris@nctcog.org

Natalie Bettger
Principal Transportation Planner
Phone: (817) 695-9280
Email: nbettger@nctcog.org

Mike Sims, AICP
Senior Program Manager
Phone: (817) 695-9226
Email: msims@nctcog.org


City of Portland Office of Transportation System Management

William Kloos, P.E.
Division Manager Signals/Street Lighting/ITS
Phone: (503) 823-5382
Email: bill.kloos@pdxtrans.org

Robert Burchfield, P.E.
City Traffic Engineer
Phone: (503) 823-5175
Email: Robert.burchfield@pdxtrans.org

Dave Hatch
District Signals and Lighting Engineer
Phone: (503) 823-5422
Email: dave.hatch@pdxtrans.org

Scott Batson
Senior Engineering Associate
Phone: (503) 823-5422
Email: scott.batson@pdxtrans.org

Portland State University

Dr. Christopher M. Monsere
Assistant Research Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Phone: (503) 725-9746
Email: monsere@pdx.edu

DKS Associates
Dana Beckwith
Phone: (503) 243-3500
Email: dmb@dksassociates.com


Charlotte Department of Transportation

William Finger, P.E.
Assistant Director of Transportation
Phone: (704) 336-3900
Email: wfinger@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Danny Pleasant, AICP
Deputy Director
Phone: (704) 336-3879
Email: dpleasant@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Charles L. Jones, AICP
Manager, Traffic Safety Section
Phone: (704) 336-3901
Email: cljones@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Elizabeth Babson, P.E.
Transportation Systems Manager
Phone: (704) 336-3916
Email: ebabson@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Ashley Boenisch
Engineering Services Investigator, Traffic Safety
Phone: (704) 336-3911
Email: aboenisch@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Debbie Self, P.E.
Traffic Engineer, Planning and Design Division
Phone: (704) 336-3935
Email: drself@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Charles Abel, P.E.
Transportation Engineer, Transportation Engineering Division
Phone: (704) 336-3945
Email: cabel@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Doreen Szymanski
Manager, Public Service Division
Phone: (704) 336-7527
Email: dszymanski@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Tamara Drozd
Signal System Specialist
Phone: (704) 336-4385
Email: tdrozd@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Dr. Tracy Newsome
Transportation Planner, Transportation Planning Division
Phone: (704) 353-0778
Email: tnewsome@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Ken Tippette
Transportation Planner, Transportation Planning Division
Bicycle Program Manager
Phone: (704) 336-2278
Email: ktippette@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Michael Eads
Manager, Field Services Section, Public Service Division
Phone: (704) 336-6786
Email: meads@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Vivian Coleman, RLA, AICP
Transportation Planner, Transportation Planning and Design Division
Pedestrian Program Manager
Phone: (704) 353-0481
Email: vcoleman@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Keith Hines
Senior Engineering Project Manager
Phone: (704) 336-3893
Email: dhines@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Charlotte Area Transit System

James Dougherty, WSO-CSS/CSSD
Transit Safety & Security Manager, Operations Division
Phone: (704) 432-2585
Email: jdougherty@ci.charlotte.nc.us

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Sergeant C.H. Rappleyea
Charlotte Area Transit System Liaison
Phone: (704) 336-8304
Email: crappleyea@cmpd.org

Federal Highway Administration North Carolina Division

Joseph Geigle
Traffic Operation & Safety Engineer
Phone: (919) 856-4354
Email: Joseph.Geigle@dot.gov


Florida Department of Transportation

Gilbert Soles
District 4 Safety Program Manager, Traffic Operations
Phone: (954) 777-4358
Email: gilbert.soles@dot.state.fl.us

Mark Plass, P.E.
District 4 Traffic Operations Engineer
Phone: (954) 777-4350
Email: Mark.plass@dot.state.fl.us

Evelin Legcevic
Traffic Operations Florida DOT District 4
Phone: (954) 677-7899
Email: evelin.legcevic@dot.state.fl.us

Clara Scott, P.E.
Area Engineer, Palm Beach Construction
Phone: (561) 366-8600
Email: Clara.scott@dot.state.fl.us

City of West Palm Beach

Angela Kahoe, P.E.
City Transportation Engineer
Phone: (561) 659-8031
Email: akahoe@wpb.org

Brian Collins, P.E.
Traffic Engineer
Phone: (561) 494-1040
Email: bcollins@wpb.org

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Frederick Schwartz, P.E.
Phone: (561) 840-0876
Email: fred.schwartz@kimley-horn.com

Timothy Stillings, AICP
Phone: (561) 840-0853
Email: tim.stillings@kimley-horn.com

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