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Strategic Intersection Safety Program Guide

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Publication No. FHWA-SA-09-004

FHWA Contact: Lawrence J. Brown, HSSD, 202-366-2214

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Technical Report Documentation

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1. Report No. FHWA-SA-09-004 2. Government Accession No. 3. Recipient's Catalog No.
4. Title and Subtitle STRATEGIC INTERSECTION SAFETY PROGRAM GUIDE 5. Report Date February 2009
6. Performing Organization Midwest Research Institute
7. Author(s) I. B. POTTS, J. M. HUTTON, AND D. W. HARWOOD 8. Performing Organization Report No. 110445.1.003
9. Performing Organization Name and Address Midwest Research Institute 425 Volker Boulevard Kansas City, Missouri 64110-2299 10. Work Unit No. (trAIS)
11. Contract or Grant No. S-23F00379K, Task No. DTFH6105-Q-00062
12. Sponsoring Agency Name and Address Office of Safety Federal Highway Administration 1200 New Jersey Avenue Washington, DC 20590 13. Type of Report and Period Covered Guide
14. Sponsoring Agency Code
15. Supplementary Notes Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COtr): Lawrence J. Brown, HSSD
16. Abstract The Strategic Intersection Safety Program Guide is a tool to assist agencies at the State and local levels in developing strategic, systematic approaches for planning, developing, implementing, and maintaining an intersection safety program. It provides insights for how a strategic process for improving intersection safety can influence the selection of future projects that have measurable safety outcomes, such as reduction of specific crash types that help achieve strategic goals. This guide provides a step by step process for a strategic intersection safety program, including steps for the development of specific intersection safety action plans. It can assist in the development of the intersection-related portions of a State Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) and assist local agencies in aligning their intersection safety programs with the SHSP intersection safety goals. A summary is included of the intersection-related goals and improvement strategies incorporated by States in their current SHSPs as a resource for local agencies creating their own intersection safety program and for State agencies updating their SHSPs or developing an intersection safety program.
17. Key Words Intersection Intersection Safety Safety At-Grade Intersections Intersection Plan Strategic Highway Safety SHSP 18. Distribution Statement
19. Security Classif. (of this report) Unclassified 20. Security Classif. (of this page) Unclassified 21. No. of Pages 22. Price

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