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Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan

Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Recommendations for Research Plan and Product Development (FHWA-SA-10-035)
This is a 15-year plan (completed in October 2010) for pedestrian safety research and technology transfer. It was developed to address pedestrian safety concerns and equip professionals and other stakeholders with proper knowledge, resources, and information needed to identify problems and implement solutions related to the roadway environment. The Strategic Plan also recommends updates to 17 current FHWA technology transfer tools and more than 20 technology transfer resources and the development of innovative dissemination methods. Recommendations for research and product development are intended to be addressed through a collaborative approach between various agencies and offices. A cooperative effort is required to properly address the variety of crash problems discussed in the Strategic Plan. This report will be of interest to engineers, planners, researchers, and practitioners who have an interest in implementing pedestrian treatments, as well as city, State, and local agency officials who have a responsibility for public safety.

Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Background Report
To develop the Background Report underlying the Strategic Plan, the project team utilized four main sources of information: 1) a data analysis of pedestrian crash and walking trends and expected demographic changes, 2) a literature review of recently published pedestrian safety research and resources, 3) an evaluation of existing FHWA products and dissemination strategies, and 4) stakeholder feedback and expert opinion on research and information needs to advance pedestrian safety efforts. The methods/process for each of these is as follows:

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