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Pedestrian Safety Strategic Plan: Background Report

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Appendix II: FHWA Product Evaluation Survey Results

Respondent Characteristics

The survey was sent to 2,452 individuals who have ordered products/deployments from FHWA’s Web site and are based in the United States. Of those emailed, 478 completed the survey. Those respondents were asked several demographic questions and their information is presented below.

Familiarity, Recent Usage, and Types of Use

A portion of the open-ended responses at the end of the Web-survey addressed this issue of familiarity. These statements were given in response to the question “Do you have any other comments about this survey or FHWA products and deployments?”:

These responses indicate the need for better dissemination of information about current products/deployments that are available.

Table 17 presents categories of usage for products/deployments in the last three years. Note that responses for each product/deployment were only given by users who have used it the last three years (not all respondents). Also, note that totals will not equal 100—respondents were able to choose more than one category. The major uses for all products/deployments were: Direct application as part of the job, Educating Self, Educating Others, and Reference Materials.

Table 17. Product/Deployment Usage in the Last Three Years (Percentages).
Product or deployment Job Ed
Res Occp
Bicycle Compatibility Index 484152361671616
Bicycle Safer Journey 2644804257219
Bikesafe: Bicycle Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System 436263521312267
How to Develop a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 49666966151588
Ped/Bike Crash Analysis Tool 624162491515210
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Materials for Hispanic Audiences 351489223555
Pedestrian and Bicyclist Intersection Safety Indices 48486436615246
Pedestrian and Bicyclist University Course 34 66 62 34 14 17 21 10
Pedestrian Forum Newsletter 36 73 49 33 2 19 26 3
Pedestrian Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists 70 54 68 59 8 11 19 0
Pedestrian Safety Campaign 60 47 80 33 3 13 7 3
Pedestrian Safer Journey 31 49 72 46 4 7 22 3
Pedestrian Safety Guide for Transit Agencies 57 67 63 50 13 17 7 0
Pedsafe: Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System 54 65 64 57 12 13 16 5
Resident's Guide for Creating Safe and Walkable Communities 46 68 67 46 11 17 24 5
Safety Effects of Marked Versus Unmarked Crosswalks at Uncontrolled Locations 57 60 65 53 15 14 14 3
Walkability Checklist 54 56 73 37 10 7 16 9

Note: Job = Direct application as part of job, Ed self = Educating Self, Ed other = Educating Others, Res = Research Project, Occp devel = Occupational Development, Pers Int = Personal Interest, Oth = Other.

Miscellaneous Product Comments

A subset of participants who volunteered for a short follow-up telephone interview was contacted following completion of the Web survey. Three to five participants were interviewed about each product/deployment (and each person was interviewed about one product). The following comments were given either within open-ended Web survey responses or during follow-up interviews. In addition to these telephone interviews, Web survey participants were able to leave additional comments about each product during the web survey. The following list is a sample of comments derived from these two sources. Note that due to space restrictions, only a small, but generally representative, portion of the comments made are included.

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