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Proven Safety Countermeasures

Proven Safety Countermeasures Filter Tool

All 28 PSCs are listed at the bottom of the page in alphabetical order. Answer one or more of the following questions to obtain a tailored listing of potential PSCs for the location of interest. Users may select multiple answers for each question. After checking the desired box(es), click “Apply Filters,” then the list of PSCs will update at the bottom of the page to match the query. Click “Clear Form” to remove all filters and return to the default display of all 28 PSCs. Select a countermeasure name to learn more including a description, safety effectiveness, context, application, cost, and considerations for implementation.

What type of area is the roadway located?
What is the functional classification of the roadway?
Which focus area is being addressed?
What is vehicular volume in Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) along the major roadway?
What problem is being addressed?
What specific crash types are being targeted at the location?