August 28, 2002


Mr. Russell A. Walker
Director, Sales & Marketing
P.O. Box 56
Imperial, PA 15126

Dear Mr. Walker:

Your July 25 letter to Mr. Richard Powers of my staff requested acceptance of a modified recycled plastic offset block for use with w-beam guardrail. Whereas the original block , accepted on January 9, 1995 (acceptance letter B-29), was rectangular with a nominal 6-inch width, your modified block tapers along each side from a 5-inch width at the post flange to a 4.25-inch width at the traffic face. All other dimensions, including its 7.5-inch depth and field-side routing remain unchanged.

The modified block described above, and called the PolyLumber PL5814R, is acceptable for use with strong-post w-beam guardrail on the National Highway System. Please note the following standard provisions that apply to FHWA letters of acceptance:

Sincerely yours,

(original signed by Carol H. Jacoby)

Carol H. Jacoby, P.E.
Director, Office of Safety design