February 27, 2003


Mr. Jerry Emerson
P.O. Box 94220
Oklahoma City, OK 73143

Dear Mr. Emerson:

In your January 24 letter to Mr. Richard Powers of my staff, you advised him that all steel components of the Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence (WRSF) are now manufactured from domestic steel in your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma plant.  Accordingly, the reference to 23 CFR Section 635.410  (Buy America requirements) contained in Mr. Frederick G. Wright's April 10, 2001 acceptance letter for the Brifen WRSF is hereby rescinded.  Section 635.411 (Material or product selection) remains applicable since the Brifen WRSF is a proprietary product.

You stated in your letter that actual barrier deflections on your first U.S. installation on the Lake Hefner Parkway in Oklahoma City have been significantly less than the approximate 8 feet noted on your certification test.  You reported the maximum actual deflection, based on over 140 impacts, was less than 5 feet and that most were much less. This was attributed to the use of the socketed post system in the Lake Hefner Parkway installation in lieu of driven posts in the test installation. One can also assume that most actual impacts were at angles less than the 25-degree angle specified for the certification test and upon which the design deflection distance is established.  Since the Brifen system is symmetrical, deflections will be similar for hits on either side of the barrier, an attribute desirable for a median barrier.

I would appreciate your continuing to provide us information on in-service performance of the Brifen system, especially as more installations are completed nationwide.

Sincerely yours,

(original signed by Harry W. Taylor)


Michael S. Griffith
Acting Director, Office of Safety Design
Office of Safety