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August 10, 2005

In Reply Refer To:HSA-10/CC-86A

Mr. Jerry Emerson, P.E.
BRIFEN USA, Incorporated
P.O. Box 94220
Oklahoma City, OK 73143

Dear Mr. Emerson:

In your July 21, 2005, letter you requested Federal Highway Administration's acceptance of an optional end anchor terminal for the TL-4 Brifen Wire Rope Safety Fence (WRSF). As shown on the attached drawing, this terminal, labeled WRGT-RD, utilizes several components from the crashworthy TL-3 Brifen WRGT end anchor terminal that was accepted by this office on January 28, 2004, (refer to acceptance letter CC-86), but does not require the additional posts used to transition from the TL-3 end anchor terminal to your TL-4 WRSF design that was accepted for use on March 27, 2005, (refer to acceptance letter B-82B). The same 48" diameter concrete anchor and steel anchor frame are used; the first post is placed in a socketed foundation and set at an angle of 79 degrees to horizontal, and the next three downstream posts are spaced at 6'-6" as in the TL-3 WRGT terminal. The overall length of the complete terminal is 27'-10" with the length of need point assumed to be just beyond the fourth post, or approximately 30' from the end anchorage. Rope heights are 36-1/2" to the top rope, with the lower ropes at 30-1/2", 24-1/2" and 18-1/2". All posts beyond post number one are standard TL-4 line posts.

Your letter indicated that this end anchor terminal is intended for use on downstream ends of the TL-4 Brifen WRSF at locations where head-on impacts from opposite-direction traffic are unlikely, behind barriers on approaches to bridges, or as an upstream anchor at locations shielded from head-on impacts from adjacent traffic, such as behind the departure ends of bridges. Provided this terminal is used only in locations where head-on impacts are not likely to occur, as noted above, the Brifen WRGT-RD end anchor terminal is acceptable for use with your TL-4 system on the National Highway System when specified by the contracting agency.


Sincerely yours,

(Original Signed by)
John R. Baxter, P.E.
Director, Office of Safety Design
Office of Safety


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