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FHWA Home / Safety / Roadway Departure / Status of AASHTO MASH Implementation

Summary of Results by State

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Status as of June 2019

Per the agreement, for contracts on the National Highway System with a letting date after the dates below*, only safety hardware evaluated using the 2016 edition of AASHTO MASH criteria will be allowed for new permanent installations and full replacements.

*Exceptions and clarifications to the AASHTO/FHWA MASH Implementation Agreement are posted on AASHTO website.


I – Policy/Process in place

X – Policy/Process expected by date

N – Policy/Process expected by a later date


State December 31, 2017 June 30, 2018 December 31, 2018 December 31, 2019
Alabama I I I X
Alaska I I I X
Arizona I I I I
Arkansas I I I X
California I I I I
Colorado I I I I
Connecticut I i N X
District of Columbia I I I I
Delaware I I I X
Florida I i I I
Georgia I I I I
Hawaii I I I I
Idaho I I I X
Illinois I I N N
Indiana I I I X
Iowa N N N N
Kansas I I I I
Kentucky I I I X
Louisiana I I I X
Maine I I I I
Maryland I I I X
Massachusetts I I N X
Michigan I I I X
Minnesota I I N X
Mississippi I I I I
Missouri I i N X
Montana I I I I
Nebraska I I I X
Nevada I I I X
New Hampshire I I I X
New Jersey I I N X
New Mexico I I I I
New York I I I X
North Carolina I I I X
North Dakota I I I I
Ohio I I I I
Oklahoma I I I I
Oregon I i I N
Pennsylvania I I I X
Puerto Rico I I I X
Rhode Island I i I X
South Carolina I I I X
South Dakota I i N X
Tennessee I I I X
Texas I I N X
Utah I I I I
Vermont I I I X
Virginia I I I X
Washington I I I X
West Virginia I I I I
Wisconsin I I I N
Wyoming I I I X
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