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March 6, 2007

Refer to: HSSD/WZ-251

Mr. Marc-Andre Seguin
Vice President, Barriere QMB Canada Inc.
4295 Boul St-Elzear Ouest
Laval, Quebec, H7P 4J3

Dear Mr. Seguin :

Thank you for your letter of October 31, 2006, requesting the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) acceptance of your company's QMBC Gate channelizing system as a crashworthy traffic control device for use in work zones and permanent installations on the National Highway System (NHS). Accompanying your letter was a report of the crash testing you conducted and video of the test. You requested that we find this device acceptable for use on the NHS under the provisions of the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 350 "Recommended Procedures for the Safety Performance Evaluation of Highway Features."

The FHWA guidance on crash testing of work zone traffic control devices is contained in two memoranda. The first, dated July 25, 1997, titled "INFORMATION: Identifying Acceptable Highway Safety Features," established four categories of work zone devices: Category I devices are those lightweight devices which are to be self-certified by the vendor, Category II devices are other lightweight devices which need individual crash testing but with reduced instrumentation, Category III devices are barriers and other fixed or heavy devices also needing crash testing with normal instrumentation, and Category IV devices are trailer mounted lighted signs, arrow panels, etc. for which crash testing requirements have not yet been established. The second guidance memorandum was issued on August 28, 1998, and is titled "INFORMATION: Crash Tested Work Zone Traffic Control Devices." This later memorandum lists devices that are acceptable under Categories I, II, and III. Our new acceptance process was outlined in our memorandum, "FHWA Hardware Acceptance Procedures – Category 2 Work Zone Devices" dated November 11, 2005.

A brief description of the devices follows:

The QMBC Gate is a modular channelizer. It is designed to taper off or close lanes remotely, using RF signals or cellular phone commands. Each independent module is activated by an electrical actuator that pivots the Gate ninety degrees perpendicular to traffic. When used in sequence, a required spacing of at least two Gate lengths is recommended to separate the Gate bases. Each plastic Gate is fabricated using two foot modular sections and an optional one foot end section made of high density polyethylene. Assemblies may vary in length from 2 to 24 feet. A drawing of the Gate configurations is enclosed.

A full-scale automobile test was completed on your company's device. The NCHRP Report 350 recommended high speed (62 mph) test, 3-71, was successfully conducted and the summary of test results is enclosed. All occupant risk criteria passed.

In summary, the QMBC Gate channelizer meets the appropriate evaluation criteria and may be used at all appropriate locations on the NHS when selected by the contracting authority, subject to the provisions of Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 635.411, as they pertain to proprietary products.

Please note the following standard provisions that apply to the FHWA letters of acceptance:

Sincerely yours,

/original signed by /

John R. Baxter, P.E.
Director, Office of Safety Design
Office of Safety


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