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Safety Eligibility Letter WZ - 291

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U.S. Department of Transportation
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November 2, 2009

Leo W. O'Brien Federal Building
Suite 719
Albany, NY 12207
518-431-4121 (fax)
New York. FHWA@dol.gov

In Reply Refer To:

John Eberl, Traffic Safety Products
Eberl Iron Works
128 Sycamore Street
Buffalo, NY 14204-1492

Dear Mr. Eberl:

This is response to your letter dated March 8, 2010, requesting Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) acceptance of your Telespar square tubular temporary (TSP) sign stand as a crashworthy traffic control device for use in work zones on the National Highway System (NHS).

Your attached drawing of the TSP Sign Stand Option 1 and Option 2 is a retrofit of your previously designed tubular sign support system. Your design nests a 2", 12 gauge x 36" long section of Grade 50 Telespar tubular perforated steel over both 1-3/4", 14 gauge, Grade 50 Telespar tubular perforated steel support legs of a 48" or 36" x 112" plywood sign.

In accordance with the information derived from NCHRP Report 553, as well as the referenced Michigan DOT sign support which has been successfully crash tested (per FHWA Letter WZ149), your design is found acceptable for use on the National Highway System. Your design nests 2",12 gauge Telespar over 1-3/4" 14 gauge to achieve a more rigid sign post that would not yield on impact, but rather engage the breakaway mechanics of your design. This design will meet the requirements of National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350, Test Level 3 based on the research in Report 553. Retro-fitting existing single post designs using the 1-3/4", 14 gauge design using the 2" 12 gauge x 36" long nested over 1-3/4", 14 gauge is also acceptable and is found to meet the requirements ofNCHRP Report 350, Test Level 3. Comparisons of the successfully crash tested sign support and the proposed sign support can be found in the enclosure.

The cross member shown in your TSP Stand is the same design used in the testing outlined in NCHRP Report 553 which is acceptable for use, and did not adversely affect the outcome of the crash test. Your device will be assigned Acceptance Letter Number WZ-291 for future reference.

Please note that the following standard provisions apply to FHWA letters of acceptance:


/s/ R. Emmett McDevitt

R. Emmett McDevitt
Transportation Safety Engineer


cc: Tom Melander, NYSDOT Construction (via e-mail)
Nick Artimovich, FHWA (via e-mail)

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