Refer to: HSA-10/WZ-33A

Mr. Kevin King
Three D Traffic Works, Inc.
430 N. Varney Street
Burbank, California 91502

Dear Mr. King:

Thank you for your letter of March 30, 2003, requesting Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognition of a change in designation of your company's barricade. On May 24, 2000, we found the TD2000 Traffic Works Barricade as an acceptable Type I or Type II barricade. Our letter of acceptance, number WZ-33, detailed the barricade design, crash testing, and conditions of the acceptance. You indicated that you wish to change the designation of the all-plastic barricade to "TD2100." We are pleased to recognize this change.

It is our understanding that no changes to the design of the barricade have taken place since the original crash testing, and that you and your company are owners of the patent and/or are authorized to produce barricades to that design. Therefore, the TD2100 described in the various requests above and detailed in the enclosed drawings are acceptable for use on the National Highway System (NHS) under the range of conditions tested, when proposed by a State.

Please note the following standard provisions that apply to FHWA letters of acceptance:

Sincerely yours,

Michael S. Griffith
Acting Director, Office of Safety Design
Office of Safety