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Safety Shoulder Rumble Strips (Safe-Strips) Policy and Revised Installation Details

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New York State Department of Transportation Office of Engineering


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________________________________ 6/6/97
T. C. Werner, Director
Transportation Planning, Highway Safety, and Traffic Engineering Division

________________________________ 6/6/97
P. J. Clark, Director
Design Division

This Engineering Instruction supersedes EI 95-008. Specifically, it revises the specifications and details, supplements the original engineering guidance, and generally retains (with a few modifications) the Policy for the Use of Safety Shoulder Rumble Strips (SAFE-STRIPS). As stated in the original Engineering Instruction, SAFE-STRIPS shall be installed as a standard design practice on appropriate State Highways according to the Site Selection Criteria in the policy.

The revised specifications shall be effective with projects let on or after ___. The special specifications will continue to be Main Office inserts. The specification revisions [which apply to in-lb (English) versions, also] include the following:

The supplements to the engineering guidance are presented below and will be incorporated into the existing Safe-Strip guidance in Chapter 3 of the Highway Design Manual.

The complete attached policy, including each provision, should be thoroughly reviewed before designing SAFE-STRIP installations. Section of the Highway Design Manual should also be reviewed.

Any questions or clarifications concerning the attached policy can be directed to John Watson of the Transportation Planning, Highway Safety and Traffic Engineering Division at (518) 457-3537. Questions related to design specifications or construction details should be directed to Terry Hale of the Design Division at (518) 485-7009.

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