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Case Study 4

Road Safety Audit of Preliminary Design:
Minnehaha County, South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) was planning a project to upgrade existing interchanges and build a new interchange on I-29 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The interchange upgrades were planned on I-29 at the SD 42 interchange, which consisted of work on I-29 from Skunk Creek to the vicinity of Russell Street and on SD 42 between Marion Rd and Lyons Boulevard. The new interchange was being constructed at the intersection of I-29 and Madison Street.

When the project was in the preliminary design phase. Six people participated in the audit: a representative from Road Design at SDDOT, a Pavement and Materials Engineer from FHWA, the Sioux Falls City Traffic Engineer, the Sioux Falls Assistant Public Works Director, a traffic engineering specialist from the DOT Local Government Assistance, and the SDDOT
Region Traffic Engineer.

Team members reviewed preliminary project plans, crash data, traffic volume data, and typical design manuals including: the AASHTO Road Design Manual, the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the State of South Dakota Standard Specifications, and the Highway Capacity Manual. Through the RSA , the report identified 35 safety concerns and findings ranging from access management, to drainage improvements, to grading improvements, to modifying construction phasing, to meeting ADA requirements. The safety benefits of some recommendations were stated explicitly, such as in the discussion of snow removal and snowmelt run off on the ramps. The report explained that lack of direct sunlight could cause slick ramp conditions for extended periods of time. The safety benefits of other improvements were implied as in the recommendation to remove the proposed curb along the Interstate shoulders and ramps in the design. The RSA report was six pages long.

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