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Crash Modification Factors Clearinghouse

The Crash Modification Factors (CMF) Clearinghouse is an online repository of CMFs, along with supporting documentation, to help transportation engineers identify the most appropriate countermeasure for their safety needs.

The Crash Modification Factors (CMF) Clearinghouse provides transportation professionals:

The CMF Clearinghouse brochure provides general information related to the Clearinghouse, and can be used to promote this valuable resource to state and local transportation professionals.

CMF Clearinghouse Brochure [HTML, PDF 2.27 MB]

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CMFs in Practice NEW!
Crash modification factors (CMFs) support a number of safety-related activities in the project development process. The CMFs in Practice Series includes five separate guides that identify opportunities to consider and quantify safety in specific activities, including roadway safety management processes, road safety audits, design decisions and exceptions, development and analysis of alternatives and value engineering. The purpose of the CMFs in Practice series is to illustrate the value of CMFs in these five activities and demonstrate practical application of CMFs.

A Guide to Developing Crash Modification Factors
The purpose of this guide is to provide direction to agencies interested in developing crash modification factors (CMFs). Specifically, this guide discusses the process for selecting an appropriate evaluation methodology and the many issues and data considerations related to various methodologies.

Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors

FHWA has developed a set of resources to assist practitioners in their decision-making process. These resources are developed around FHWA’s Office of Safety focus areas of intersection safety, pedestrian safety and roadway departure safety.


The CRFs presented in the Desktop Reference are a compilation of all the CRF information available to date; whereas, the CRF’s contained in the “Toolbox of Countermeasures” for intersection, pedestrian and roadway departure crashes contain the “best” available information on countermeasure effectiveness in terms of CRF’s.

The Desktop Reference for Crash Reduction Factors will NOT be updated in the future to reflect new CRFs. All CRFs in the Desktop Reference are reflected in the CMF Clearinghouse at http://www.CMFclearinghouse.org. All newly developed CMFs/CRFs will be added to the CMF Clearinghouse on a regular basis (at least quarterly).

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