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FHWA Home / Safety / The Use of Uniformed Police Officers - Table of Contents

The Use of Uniformed Police Officers - IV. Profile of Respondents (Total of 95)

Report of Findings [FHWA Docket No. FHWA-1999-5387]

IV. Profile of Respondents (Total of 95)

Total Respondents

Total Respondents by Category: For a detailed review of respondents, see Figure 1. Values expressed are percentages of total respondents.

Figure 1: State Transportation Agencies (48%), Law Enforcement Agencies (17), Highway Industry Associations (14), Law Enforcement Organizations (8), Contractors and Suppliers (8), State Legislators (3), Individuals (1)

Type and Size of Jurisdiction: A majority of the responses were from State agencies. Responses from highway industry associations and law enforcement organizations were received from both national and state levels. Jurisdictions were described as follows (Table 1):

Table 1

Number of highway construction projects responding agency is involved in annually

15 - 1,350



Size of Law enforcement agency (sworn officers)

132 - 6,644



Based on 53 responses received. All respondents from public agencies represented jurisdictions with populations greater than 100,000.

Type and Size of Organizations: Of 12 highway industry associations responding 7 represented a national membership and 5 were State organizations. Of the 8 law enforcement organizations responding, 6 were State organizations, 1 was a national/international organization and 1 was a municipal law enforcement organization. In addition, there were 8 responses from contractors and suppliers, 3 responses from State legislators, and 1 response from an individual.

Questionnaire Respondents

Respondents by Category:Seventy responses were received, as follows:

Type of Respondent Number Percent of Total

State highway agencies

46 66

Law enforcement agencies

15 21

Law enforcement organizations

6 9

Highway industry associations


There were no survey responses from contractors and suppliers, State legislators, or individuals.

General Respondents

Of the 24 respondents who filed general responses, 38 percent were highway industry associations and 33 percent were highway contractors and suppliers. The remainder was comprised of State legislators, law enforcement organizations, law enforcement agencies, and individuals. A summary of the general comments is provided in Section IX of this report.

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