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HSM Implementation Guide for Managers

HSM Implementation Guide for Managers

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Introduction to the Highway Safety Manual

Purpose of the Implementation Guide

Benefits of New Concepts of Safety

2. HSM Implementation Considerations

Implementation Guiding Principles

Drivers and Challenges to Successful Implementation of the HSM

Management Strategies

Agency Champion(s)

Develop an Implementation Plan

Examine and Revise Agency Policies

Address Risk Management and Legal Issues

Data and Data Systems

Information Technology

Development of Tools for HSM Implementation

Budgets for Implementation

Initiate HSM Training

Develop Sustainable Technical Expertise

Technology Transfer to External Partners

Organizational Needs and Issues

3. HSM Implementation Opportunities in Program Development and Project Delivery

Program Development

Project Development

Project Scoping and Design Criteria

Scoping Using the Two Dimensions of Safety

Purpose and Need

Project Planning, Alignment, and Alternative Studies

Design and Context Sensitive Solutions

Preliminary and Final Engineering

Operations and Maintenance

4. Summary

5. References

6. Resources



7. List of Acronyms

List of Exhibits

Exhibit 1: Nominal and Substantive Safety Concepts

Exhibit 2: Examples of Driving Forces and Restraining Forces to Apply Quantitative Safety Information to Transportation Engineering

Exhibit 3: Lead States and Support States in the NCHRP 17-50 HSM Lead State Initiative Project

Exhibit 4: The Project Development Process and Opportunities to Implement the HSM

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