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Improving Safety on Rural Local and Tribal Roads — Safety Toolkit

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This Safety Toolkit developed for Rural Local and Tribal Road Practitioners provides a step-by-step process and identifies resources for conducting road safety analysis. The Toolkit should be considered a starting point for safety analysis and is designed to provide a number of resources and techniques that are flexible in their application. The Toolkit can help practitioners:

The Toolkit is designed for local and Tribal agency staff responsible for roadway safety. These staff typically have a wide range of expertise and experience, along with broad responsibilities, but may not have a formal background in traffic safety. The Toolkit provides plain language guidance to help them enhance roadway safety in their community.

The road safety analysis process shown in Figure 1 can be used as a step-by-step process starting with Step 1 and moving progressively through Step 7 or as a guide to applying one or more individual steps as deemed necessary. For each step of the process, the Toolkit provides an overview of:

There also are two User Guides available. Each User Guide demonstrates the Toolkit in practice by walking through a typical local or Tribal road safety analysis scenario:

Overall the purpose of the FHWA Toolkit and User Guides is to assist local and Tribal road practitioners in conducting analyses to identify and diagnose safety issues; identify and implement countermeasures to address them in order to save lives on their roadways. Also included is information about the many resources available for conducting the analyses and step-by-step examples of how to do so.

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