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Safety Compass Newsletter – Guidelines for Submittal


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Safety Compass newsletter is an outreach tool for sharing the latest in program delivery, best practices, research, training, regulations, and legislation to help foster a more productive national and local safety program.

Submissions are open to the highway safety community (e.g., Federal, State, and local governments; academia; FHWA partners; and other highway safety organizations).

Content submitted to the Safety Compass will be considered for publications based on timeliness, priority, relevance, and overall highway safety program objectives. Therefore, every story/article submitted may not be published during the approaching issue cycle, but possibly in a later issue.

A team of editors, safety experts, and the Office of Safety leadership will review all submissions to determine their suitability as they relate to highway safety objectives. Authors will be notified and/or contacted on the status of the submission and the need for more information if necessary.

Audience and Focus

Recognizing that the readership – Federal, State, and local governments; academia; the international transportation community; and the transportation industry at large – has very little time for discretionary reading, it is extremely important that the Safety Compass provide interesting and useful articles with some distinct life-saving relevance. The stories must inform, be compelling, and be easy to comprehend. A major emphasis of Safety Compass articles should be on the significance of the project or subject; results of research and/or lessons learned; and the applicability of these lessons learned to other States and agencies.

Articles should use a balance of technical and everyday plain English as much as possible. Since readers are not experts in all fields, messages should be clear and simple.

To help the audience of the Safety Compass capture the essence of the story, articles should include a balance of text and visual elements (e.g., photographs, charts, graphs, and other illustrations with proper captions). High-quality photographs and/or illustrations are recommended for all submissions.

Circulation Frequency

The Safety Compass is published three times per year (winter, spring, and fall). It is distributed electronically through e-mail and the FHWA Office of Safety website. Occasionally, issues will be printed for additional outreach.

Submission Deadlines

Articles are due at least two months prior to publication.

Article Elements

A complete story/article should consist of:

All articles will be edited as necessary.

If writing support is required to compose an article, contact the newsletter editor.

Article Specifications


Submit the complete article/story package to:

Tara McLoughlin

Office of Safety
New Jersey Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20590
(202) 366-2176

¹ We generally retain all supporting visuals; however, we will return any or all materials upon request.

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