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Good Practices: Incorporating Safety into Resurfacing and Restoration Projects

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December 2006

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Appendix B: Scan Team Members

Photo of Ernest J. Blais, P.E.

Ernest (Ernie) J. Blais, P.E.
Scan Team Co-chair
Assistant Division Administrator
Connecticut Division, FHWA

Ernest (Ernie) is currently the State of Connecticut Division Administrator to administer the total Federal-aid highway program.

Mr. Blais has served with FHWA for more than 30 years. Prior to his current assignment, he served as Chief, Engineering Services Section of the California Division; Program Operations Engineer, Statewide Systems & Operations Engineer, District Engineer and Planning & Research Engineer in the Ohio Division; Implementation Manager in the Washington DC Implementation Division; Research Engineer, Area Engineer and Assistant Area Engineer in the California Division; and Highway Engineer, Washington DC Office of Policy Planning Mr. Blais is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in California and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. Blais earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Photo of Keith Cota, P.E.

Keith Cota, P.E.
Scan Team Co-chair
Chief of Consultant Design
New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Keith Cota manages, administers, and supervises consultant staff and consultants in the design of intermodal State and municipal transportation improvement projects. He was appointed a member in the AASHTO Technical Committee on Roadside Safety (TCRS) in 1992, and became its chairman in 2004. Mr. Cota earned a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering in 1978 from Clarkson College of Technology at Potsdam, New York, and began his career with the New Hampshire DOT in summer 1978. He is a registered Professional Engineering in New Hampshire.

Photo of Lawrence B. Hummel, P.E.

Lawrence (Larry) B. Hummel, P.E.
County Highway Engineer Manager
Van Buren County Road Commission
Lawrence, Michigan

Lawrence (Larry) B. Hummel oversees the day-to-day operations of the road commission and implementation of its preservation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction efforts. Mr. Hummel began his career as a highway engineer with the Van Buren County Road Commission (CRC). In 1999, he was appointed the Grand Region Bridge Engineer for the Michigan DOT. He returned to the CRC in 2002. Mr. Hummel received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1993, and a Master of Public Administration from Western Michigan University in 2005. He is a registered Professional Engineer and a Licensed Residential Builder in the State of Michigan.

Photo of N. Kent Israel, P.E.

N. Kent Israel, P.E.
Road Design Engineer
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LA DOTD)

N. Kent Israel has served LADODT for 34 years, currently as the Road Design Engineer Administrator. His expertise includes road design activities, geometrics design, road side safety, project management and project financing. Mr. Israel received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 1969, and is a licensed professional Civil Engineer in the State of Louisiana.

Photo of Frank Julian.

Frank Julian
Safety Engineer
FHWA Resource Center
Safety & Design Technical Service Team

Mr. Julian began his FHWA career in 1986 with an assignment in the Florida Division as a highway engineer. Mr. Julian was promoted to the Regional Safety Engineer for in 1996, and the following year participated in a national program that placed an FHWA engineer in the NHTSA Regional Office for a year. In 1998, Mr. Julian returned to the position of Regional Safety Engineer in FHWA, which subsequently became a FHWA Resource Center. Mr. Julian graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

Photo of Bernie Kuta, P.E.

Bernie Kuta, P.E.
Pavement and Materials Engineer
FHWA Resource Center
Pavement & Material Technical Service Team

Mr. Kuta's expertise and current duties are in the areas of pavement construction/materials, pavement warranties and specifications development, pavement life-cycle cost analysis and quality assurance programs. Mr. Kuta has 17 years with FHWA, including 7 years of experience in Division Offices as highway engineer and Pavements & Materials program manager. Mr. Kuta received the B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines in 1988, and is a Professional Engineer in the State of Utah.

Photo of Susan G. Miller.

Susan G. Miller
County Engineer
Freeborn County, Minnesota

In her current position, Ms. Miller manages more than 600 miles of roadway and 179 bridges. She has been in her current post for 5 years and also serves as Vice President, North Central Region, NACE. She is a registered Professional Engineer. Ms. Miller holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from North Dakota State University.

Photo of Harry W. Taylor, Jr.

Harry W. Taylor, Jr.
Roadway Departure Safety Team Leader (Retired)
FHWA Office of Safety

Harry Taylor joined FHWA in 1965, and is a graduate of the Highway Engineer Training Program. In 1975, he transferred to FHWA Headquarters in Washington, DC. Mr. Taylor's long service in FHWA's Safety Office includes participating in a variety of programs and initiatives. He graduated from Tennessee State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and subsequently earned a Masters in Engineering Administration from George Washington University.

Kevin M. Mahoney, P.E.

Kevin M. Mahoney, P.E.
Report Facilitator

Kevin Mahoney joined the Penn State University in 1999, where he is currently a senior research associate and associate professor civil engineering. He previously worked for 12 year with the FHWA and as a private consultant for 7 years. He works primarily in the areas of project development, work zones, design, and the effects of design decisions on performance. Dr. Mahoney, a registered Professional Engineer in several States, served as the scan report facilitator.

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