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[Note: The guidance on this page has been superseded. The current guidance can be found at http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/legislationandpolicy/fast/shsp_guidance.cfm

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US Department of Transportation

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Subject: ACTION: Guidance on Strategic Highway Safety Plans

Date: April 5, 2006

From: Michael L. Halladay, Acting Associate Administrator for Safety

Reply to Attn. of: HSA-1

To: Division Administrators

The Preview Document on Strategic Highway Safety Plans (SHSP), dated October 2005, generated valuable feedback and suggestions from a number of FHWA field and Headquarters offices, other US DOT modal administrations, various State DOTs, and other safety partners and stakeholders. Based on this input, we are pleased to release this updated Guidance on Strategic Highway Safety Plans: A Champion's Guide to Saving Lives (attached). This document is an enhanced and expanded version of the Preview Document with more detailed explanations of the requirements and several new appendixes. Please share this document with your State DOT and all others who are responsible or involved in carrying out this requirement.

Please note that FHWA actively engaged other US DOT agencies (including NHTSA, FMCSA, FTA, and the FRA) in the development of this guidance, and we highly encourage you to work closely with field officials from these agencies to make sure they are actively involved in the process. Given the comprehensive nature of the SHSP in addressing highway safety, we believe it will be very important that the safety programs of each ofthese agencies be supportive of this statewide safety plan. Please see the "Approval" section of the SHSP Guidance for additional information on FHWA stewardship and oversight responsibilities regarding the SHSP process.

Upon acceptance of your State DOT's SHSP process and determination of eligibility to obligate funds in accordance with 23 U.S.c. 148 activities, please notify Ms. Margaret Lomax in the Office of Safety (e-mail address: Margaret.Lomax@dot.gov). If you have any questions or need any additional information relating to this SHSP Guidance, please contact Ms. Margie Sheriff at 202-366-1747 or Mr. Rudy Umbs at 202-366-2177.


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