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Figure 5. Safety Strategic Plan – Strategy Map for the Office of Safety, Office of Safety Research and Development, and Resource Center Safety and Design Technical Services Team

Figure 5 depicts the overall strategy for the three safety units, linking high-level goals with meaningful and actionable steps each employee can take. The goals are divided into four sections, two internal and two external. Note that each of the sub-goals listed has equal weight and bearing, and, although numbered for ease of reference, the list does not represent a prioritized order. The contents of the strategy map are presented from top to bottom, beginning with external goals 4 and 3 and moving down through internal goals 2 and 1 as follows:

Vision Toward zero deaths and serious injuries on the Nation's roadways

Mission Exercising leadership throughout the highway community to make the Nation's roadways safer by:


4. Customers, Stakeholders, and Partners (external).

4.1 Champion FHWA safety policies and programs to advance safety improvements
4.2 Promote an emphasis on safety performance in all aspects of roadway investment and decisionmaking
4.3 Embolden a culture within the highway community that embraces safety as a core value
4.4 Articulate the benefits of roadway safety investments

3. Program and Service Delivery (external)

3.1 Improve safety data and expand capabilities for analysis and evaluation
3.2 Enhance strategic highway safety planning
3.3 Develop and promote roadway safety improvements
3.4 Establish and implement the safety element of the Transportation Performance Management program

2. Business Practices/Internal Processes (internal)

2.1 Employ a strategic planning process to guide the safety units and align resource allocation decisions
2.2 Foster a safety culture throughout FHWA
2.3 Utilize effective partnerships within USDOT for the improvement of highway safety
2.4 Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes

1. Employee Learning and Growth (internal)

1.1 Improve the quality of the work environment
1.2 Improve career and leadership development opportunities
1.3 Enhance safety knowledge of FHWA professionals

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