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Marketing/Outreach Support Materials

FHWA developed the materials below as part of the Stop Red-Light Running Program, created in 1995 to educate the public on the dangers of red-light running and support increased enforcement efforts at the grassroots, community level. A well-planned program has been shown to decrease red-light running incidents by at least 15%. National Stop on Red Week, which occurs the first week of August each year, is a legacy of this national program and campaign.

While FHWA’s National Stop Red-Light Running Program (joined in 1998 by DaimlerChrysler and the American Trauma Society) is no longer active, FHWA makes the following marketing and outreach materials available to support implementation of the Step-by Step Guide to implementing a Stop Red-Light Running Program or Campaign, and/or National Stop on Red week, at the State or local level.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

FHWA sponsored development of a series of PSAs for television, radio and “live read” (scripts read live over the radio by an announcer). The scripts for all of these PSAs are available for download, to allow communities across the country to help facilitate red-light running awareness. A “*” indicates that a DVD or videotape copy of the PSA is available via loan from FHWA.



The scripts and the audio of the following radio PSAs are available for download, for use by community Stop Red-Light Running Programs below:

  1. “Under Control” is a 30-second radio spot that reiterates to drivers the importance of obeying traffic signals to keep traffic under control. The script is available for download from this web site, and could also be used as a “Live Read” spot if desired. The audio recording of this radio spot is available on cassette tape on loan from FHWA (this audio PSA is not available at this time in a digital format).

  2. “No Turning Back” is a 30-second radio spot that discusses how that rolling stop can easily turn into red-light running in no time. The script for this spot will be available soon for download from this web site, and could also be used as a “Live Read” spot if desired (no audio version of this radio PSA is available).

  3. “Lucky*” is a 60-second spot that highlights the dangers in a common attitude among drivers—that they won’t be hit running a red-light.

  4. “Enforcement*” is a 30-second spot that emphasizes the enforcement element of a Stop red-light Running campaign. It reminds drivers of the additional consequences of running red-lights, including traffic tickets, fines and increased insurance costs.

Live Read:

The following three “live read” scripts are available for download, for use by communities to support raising awareness about the dangers of running red lights. You may duplicate these scripts and give them to radio announcers to read on the air, adding your local tagline to support your Stop Red-Light Running program.

Print PSAs:

The Stop Red-Light Running program includes several print PSAs, including two that directly relate to the radio and TV PSA messages of driver stress and targeted enforcement. These can be coordinated with the TV and radio spots for maximum effectiveness early in a campaign.

Masters for reproducible artwork for print PSAs are available on loan from FHWA (contact Ed Rice at 202-366-9064 or ed.rice@dot.gov for more information). The master PSAs can be taken to any local print shop to print additional ad slicks. We recommend that you print your copies on 80 lb. glossy stock.

The PSA originals are screened at 85 lines, standard for newspaper and provided in SAU (standard advertising unit) size format. If the publications you are working with do not adhere to these standard measurements, or you want to produce a PSA in a different size, find out if the publication can take the available original and "size it down," "blow it up," or "float it" so that it will fit within the desired space.

Other Uses for Print PSAs

Companies and organizations sometimes donate ad space in their newsletters, brochures, or other print materials which may be filled with one of the print PSAs. An example of this was demonstrated in Charleston, S.C., where a local milk company provided space to print one of the PSAs on a side panel of thousands of milk cartons. Other creative possibilities for PSA placement include bus signs, paycheck stuffers for local businesses, billboards and store flyers.

Promotional Materials

Any public education program can be enhanced by promotional materials that communicate your message in a variety of ways. Example camera-ready master artwork for your duplication and use in producing a variety of promotional materials is available on loan from FHWA (contact Ed Rice at 202-366-9064 or ed.rice@dot.gov for more information). Contact local vendors by looking in the business yellow pages under "Promotional" or "Advertising" and "Specialty Items."

Suggested promotional materials and uses for them include the following:

PDFs of master ad slicks for these materials are available on loan from FHWA.

Sample Letters of Invitation to Participate in/Support a Stop Red-Light Running Program:

These sample letters are provided to help gain support from key partners and stakeholders (law enforcement) and to help develop a coalition of support.

Sample Press Releases to Announce a Stop Red-Light Running Program:

This press release is provided as a sample. Communities are encouraged to tailor this to their community’s needs to raise awareness about their Stop Red-Light Running program and the dangers of red-light running.

Sample Biography to Support a Stop Red-Light Running Program:

The sample biography provides an example of a testimonial approach, to help stimulate interest in the dangers of red-light running and support for a Step Red-Light Running program in a community.


Leaders can use parts or all of the Red-Light Running Presentation (FHWA, (2008) to help raise awareness about red-light running and gain support for a Stop Red-Light Running program or campaign. Both short and long versions of this presentation are available. Topics covered include the nature of the red-light running problem, safety facts and countermeasures.

FHWA Press Releases

The following two FHWA press releases provide helpful information on the dangers of red-light running that may be of interest.

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