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Subject: GUIDANCE: Revisions to T 5040.39 Shoulder and Edge Line Rumble Strips and T 5040.40 Center Line Rumble Strips

Date: November 16, 2011

From: Tony Furst, Acting Administrator for Safety

In Reply Refer To: HSST

To: Division Administrators, Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers

The Office of Safety has revised two technical advisories on rumble strips issued earlier this year, T 5040.39 Shoulder and Edge Line Rumble Strips and T 5040.40 Center Line Rumble Strips. The revisions clarify several key concepts, including:

  • The application on new and reconstruction as compared to resurfacing or safety improvement projects,
  • The intent behind the recommendation to consider application in urban locations,
  • Addition of a new section on accommodation of all road users,
  • Clarification that on applicable projects, widening shoulders to improve the safety for all users is recommended,
  • Clarification that the appropriate level of public involvement should be included along with any necessary outreach.

The recommendations continue to provide agencies information to make informed decisions about the design and installation of rumble strips based on documented research, while allowing flexibility in application appropriate to the specific project and location.

The revised Technical Advisories will replace the current version posted on our web site. Also, the Office of Safety will shortly be updating the rumble strip web site, including the frequently asked questions. Please distribute the revised advisories to your state and local agencies and other industry partners. If you have any questions, you may contact Cathy Satterfield at 708-283-3552 or

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