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The FHWA Office of Safety established the Roadway Safety Data Program (RSDP) to advance State and local safety data systems and safety data analysis and evaluation capabilities.

National Highway Institute Training

  • HSM Practitioner's Guide for Geometric Design Features (NHI 380070)
  • HSM Practitioner's Guide for Rural Two Lane Roads (NHI 380070A)
  • HSM Practitioner's Guide for Multilane Highways and Urban/Suburban Roads (NHI 380070B)
  • Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (NHI 380071)
  • Combating Roadway Departures (NHI 380117)
  • HSM Practitioner's Guide for Intersections (NHI 380105)
  • Highway Safety Manual Online Overview (NHI 380106)

Safety Data and Analysis Training videos

Resource Center Training

  • FHWA Safety Analysis of Freeways and Interchanges
    2-day workshop explores how geometric design, traffic control, and other factors affect roadway safety. The agenda provides and overview of the new HSM Chapters 18 & 19 and guidance on how to use ISATe and/or the IHSDM to analyze freeway/interchange safety. Contact: David.Petrucci@dot.gov

  • FHWA HSM for Local Agencies formerly HSM Lite
    ½ day course or 90 minute ooverview webinar provides a snap shot of highway safety statistics, a brief introduction to the AASHTO Highway Safety Manual, and shows how safety can be incorporated into practice through proven safety countermeasures and low cost safety improvements.
    Contact: Hillary.Isebrands@dot.gov

  • FHWA Practitioner’s Workshop for the Highway Safety Manual
    1-day workshop presents applications of the HSM predictive equations for urban and suburban roadway segments and intersections. Each module is accompanied with an exercise for the participants to get hands on experience with the HSM
    Contact: Hillary.Isebrands@dot.gov

  • FHWA HSM Roadway Safety Management Process
    1-day overview of the HSM with emphasis on the Roadway Safety Management Process (Part B). The target audience is transportation professionals who are involved with assessing sites within a corridor that could benefit from safety treatments in reducing crash frequency or severity.
    Contact: David.Petrucci@dot.gov

  • Additional FHWA Safety Related Courses
    Various safety courses are available through FHWA’s Resource Center’s Safety and Design Team.
    Contact: Pat.Hasson@dot.gov

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