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Facts & Statistics

Crash Facts

NEW Traffic Safety Facts: Speeding – This NHTSA fact sheet provides an overview of speeding-related crashes using the most recent year of data available.

Development of a Speeding-Related Crash Typology – These reports summarize a detailed examination of crash data and the development of a speeding–related (SR) crash typology to help define the crash, vehicle, and driver characteristics that appear to result in a higher probability of SR crashes.

Analysis of Speeding Related-Crashes: Definitions & the Effects of Road Environments, DOT HS 811 090 (February 2009) – The study examines two aspects related to speeding-related crashes – "driving too fast for conditions" and "exceeding posted speed limit."  Road environments analyzed include surface conditions, alignment, and intersections.

Analysis of Speeding-Related Fatal Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes, DOT HS 809 839 (June 2005)  – This study analyzes speeding-related motor vehicle traffic fatal crashes using NHTSA's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). A separate section discusses the extent of speeding-related crashes by state.

Speed Data

National Traffic Speeds Survey II: 2009 – This NHTSA study reports travel speeds measured in a nationally representative sample of freeways, arterial highways, and collector roads across the United States.

Speed Limit Data

Posted Highway Speed Limits 1993 to 2000
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