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The Road Safety Audit (RSA) Newsletter is an outreach resource to provide you with the most current information on RSAs. Our regular features will include an overview of State RSA programs, current resources to assist you in performing RSAs, and a compilation of RSA-related news stories.








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What's New

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RSA Peer-to-Peer Assistance
FHWA has a new peer-to-peer program for RSAs where you can receive on-site or over the phone assistance on an RSA from a peer for no charge.

RSA Case Studies

RSA Guidelines

Pedestrian RSA Guidelines

Bicycle Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists

RSA Toolkit for Federal and Tribal Lands

Federal and Tribal Lands Road Safety Audits: Case Studies

Tribal RSA: Case Studies

Sample RSA Database

Sample RSA Reports

Sample RSA Policies

RSAs For Safety
Transportation professionals employ audits to scrutinize roadways for safety issues-and reduce crashes, injuries, fatalities, and costs in the process. Artice by Lousia Ward.