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Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) – Evaluation

Icon: The goal of HSIP evaluation is for agencies to estimate the effectiveness of highway safety improvements. The evaluation process reveals if the overall program has been successful in reaching performance goals established in the planning process, including its effectiveness in reducing the number of fatalities and serious injuries. Evaluation results should flow back into the various HSIP components to improve future planning and implementation, ensure resources are used effectively, and increase the effectiveness of future safety improvements.

HSIP Evaluation Guide
The purpose of the HSIP Evaluation Guide is to provide direction and resources to agencies that want to begin or enhance HSIP evaluation efforts. The guide contains information to help analysts track critical project details in support of HSIP evaluation, perform three different levels of evaluation (i.e., project, countermeasure, and program level), and use the results of HSIP evaluations to improve decisions and processes.  Examples from various States highlight noteworthy practices and the benefits of evaluation.

HSIP Evaluation Webinar (September 2016)
This webinar featured presentations from various State DOTs covering topics including project tracking (VA), individual project evaluations (AK), Countermeasure Evaluations (KY), Program Evaluations (NC), Progress Reporting (CO) and getting started with an evaluation program (ID).

HSIP Evaluation Peer Exchange (May 2016)
This report documents the proceedings of the HSIP Evaluation Peer Exchange that was held on May 2016.  The purpose of the peer exchange was to identify and exchange best practices between the States on various HSIP Evaluation topics including completed project inventories, as well as approaches for individual project evaluations, countermeasure evaluations, program evaluation and automated evaluations.

HSIP Assessment Toolbox 2nd Edition
The toolbox provides information and resources for agencies to conduct a self assessment, program or peer review related to the HSIP. States can use these evaluation techniques to identify successful practices, as well as opportunities to enhance HSIP implementation efforts.

HSIP Self Assessment Tool
The HSIP Self Assessment Tool consists of a number of questions designed to provide those with HSIP management responsibilities information to assess their programs, policies, and procedures against many of the recommended HSIP practices in use today.


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