Training, Tools, Guidance and Countermeasures for Locals

The following training, tools, guidance and countermeasures are currently available to rural and local governments. The Office of Safety, Local and Rural team is continuously looking for new ways to meet the needs of local and rural road owners and operators. Insuring that tools meet the needs of the users and that they have the resources and training they need to effectively use the tools is a critical part of the solution.

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Program Contact

Rosemarie Anderson



Local Rural Road Owners Manuals

NEW Delta Region Transportation Development Program: Rural Safety Innovation Program Evaluation – Final Report

Noteworthy Practices: Addressing Safety on Locally-Owned and Maintained Roads – A Domestic Scan

Proven Safety Countermeasures

Local and Rural Roads Safety Peer-to-Peer Assistance

Implementing the High Risk Rural Roads Program

Local Roads Safety Resource CD

Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports

Sign Retroreflectivity Toolkit

Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety

Low-Cost Safety Enhancements for Stop-Controlled and Signalized Intersections