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FHWA Home / Safety / SHSP / Strategic Highway Safety Plan Evaluation Process Model – How to use this CD


Chapter 2 – Self Assessment Questions

The following self assessment questions are designed to inform process evaluation. Answering “yes” to a question indicates the State has a well functioning SHSP process in that area of review. Answering “no” indicates improvements can be made.

  1. Is the SHSP process supported by an actively engaged organizational structure?
  2. Are top-level managers represented in executive committees or leadership structures/groups established for the SHSP?
  3. Are members of the executive or leadership group, the steering committee, the emphasis area teams, and other groups multidisciplinary and multimodal?
  4. Do members of the executive committee or leadership group have the decision-making authority needed to effectively support the SHSP process?
  5. Do members of the executive committee or leadership group assign persons with decision-making authority to the steering committee or working group?
  6. Are multiple transportation modes represented, and do they actively participate on the steering committee/working group and emphasis area teams?
  7. Has a SHSP program coordinator or manager been assigned? What percentage of this person’s time is dedicated to the SHSP?
  8. Do the leadership and working groups/committees meet as frequently as expected?
  9. Are emphasis areas supported by teams with engaged leaders?
  10. Are local/regional/district coalitions supported by the SHSP organizational structure?
  11. Are the necessary disciplines, modes, and agencies (representing the 4 E’s) engaged in SHSP decision-making and implementation?
  12. Do the stakeholders regularly collaborate on decisions that affect SHSP updates and implementation?
  13. Do the necessary stakeholders collaborate and jointly decide on SHSP goal and target setting methods?
  14. Are data-driven methods, such as trend analysis, used to establish goals and set aggressive, yet achievable, objectives?
  15. Are objectives specific, measurable, time bound, and realistic?
  16. Is data analysis used to select the emphasis areas?
  17. Are the emphasis area strategies selected through an evidence-based process?
  18. Are promising and innovative strategies with less evidence of effectiveness accompanied by an evaluation?
  19. Have the various agencies and safety partners incorporated elements of the SHSP into their planning documents? (HSPs, HSIPs, CVSPs, LRTPs, S/TIPs, etc.)
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